Point of Use Systems

Imagine the convenience of Crystal Mountain water right in your home or office… but without ever giving those big five-gallon bottles another thought. Then our Bottle-less “Point of Use” Drinking Water System called Waterlogics might be the perfect choice.

You get the same great refreshment without ever having to change those heavy bottles, find storage space for your supplies, or worry about keeping enough water on hand. And whether you need water that’s ice cold or piping hot, it’s ready when you need it. Plus, depending on your usage, the already-great value of Crystal Mountain water can be even more of a bargain.

Choose from systems featuring advanced multi-stage filtration, micro-filtration, in-tank UV disinfection, and reverse osmosis filtration. The result is an unending supply of premium-filtered drinking water, removed of pollutants, chlorine, and odor-causing chemicals. And it’s all at one low monthly rate, no matter how much water you use. Regular maintenance by our trained service technicians means your system is always ready to give you the great Crystal Mountain taste.

WL 250


WL 250 Countertop