Biodegradable Bottles

Bottle-Bio-LogoAlmost everyone agrees, bottle water tastes great.

But there’s always been something not-so-great about bottled water: the bottle itself.

Even though we all know we should recycle, the fact is that many bottles do simply get thrown away. And that’s not good. Toss a bottle, and that plastic goes right in a landfill. It doesn’t decompose, it doesn’t disappear. It stays in the earth, forever. And of course it’s not alone, with a few million other bottles to keep it company.

It’s a big problem, and we introduced our BioBottles because we feel its our responsibility to be part of the solution. These special bottles, first introduced in 2010, are kinder and gentler to the earth. There’s no difference in the way they look, feel, or taste. And just like a regular bottle, they can be recycled, making more bottles for the future. But when one does get thrown away, that’s where the big difference starts. These bottles are completely biodegradable. No longer a permanent addition to a landfill, they decompose and biodegrade… disappearing completely.

We think they are a sort of “Super Bottle.”

At Crystal Mountain we’re looking for a greener way, and our BioBottles are part of the answer.